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Several students who lived in the Waterview and River Park neighborhoods of Portsmouth, Virginia, were students at Woodrow Wilson High School. They were:

  • Bob (R. G.) Ainsworth
  • Allene Cross
  • Charlotte Ann Freeman
  • Sally Harris
  • Lynn Hopewell
  • Martha Janet King
  • Joe Pond [Alert: Joe found! See addresses.]
  • Arnold Rubin
  • Renny Underwood

Most had attended school together since the first grade: first at Churchland, then Westhaven and John Tyler Elementary schools. In 1950, they began their eighth grade at Woodrow Wilson High School. (Except Charlotte Ann, who was a year behind.) (See other pages for short histories of John Tyler and Woodrow Wilson. I could find no histories of Churchland and Westhaven.)

Around their freshman and sophomore years, they organized a card club to play the then popular game "Canasta." (They also played "post office.") They met at each other's home on weekends.

This is a collection of photographs taken by my parents. They have lain in a drawer for 50 years. It is a pleasure to now see them and share them with my fellow club members.

If you have any similar photos and would like to add them to this collection, please contact me. I can scan them and return them to you.

Didn't we have fun?

Lynn Hopewell








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