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Here are thumbnails of the Canasta Club photos. Clicking on a thumbnail will open a window with a bigger photo. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.

The photos have been retouched to remove dust and scratches.

For best viewing, Set your browser to "full page". The F11 key does it in MS Internet Explorer. Click on the thumbnail images below for a full page image. These images were made to download quickly over the internet. Lynn has higher quality image files for anyone who wants them.

L. H.

Charlotte Ann Freeman, Sally Harris, Bob Ainsworth; Martha Janet King, Allene Cross, Joe Pond, Lynn Hopewell. In the Hopewell home.

The guys: Bob Ainsworth, Lynn Hopewell, Joe Pond, Renny Underwood.

Renny Underwood, Martha Janet King, Allene Cross and Arnold Rubin.

Charlotte Freeman, Sally Harry, Martha Janet King, Allene Cross.


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