John Tyler School

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John Tyler Elementary School was the first school to be built under the "School Building Program" adopted by the School Board, on Apr. 28, 1947. The school derived its name from its location in the newly named Tyler Ward. The new two-story brick and stone school was built on a six and one-half acre site along Hartford St., between Glenshella and River Park. The 320 pupils to enter the new building in September, 1949, came from Westhaven, Port Norfolk and Barlow Place  [and Waterview, because Waterview was recently annexed from the county]. My mother, Charlotte Mathews Hopewell, was principal from 1968 to 1979 when she retired at the age of 65. [Chart below is in error.]

The Waterview Canasta Club attended John Tyler for the 7th grade and entered with the first classes in 1949. Our teacher was Mrs. Lillian Smith.

See the school's web page at for more information.

John Tyler Principals

 Mr. Bacon Page Pettus


Mr. J. Reginald Carter


 Mr. Cornelius E. Hohman


 Mrs. Charlotte Hopewell


Mr. James H. Holleran


Mr. Donald R. Williams


Mrs. Gloria P. Gowings


Mrs. Eunice G. Southall


Mr. William H. Slate


Mr. William J. Wiseman



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