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All my genealogy work is consolidated here.

HOPEWELL FAMILY (My father's ancestors.)

Hopewell Genealogy is about my family, that originated in North Carolina, starting with James H. Hopewell and his wife, Sarah Sanderson, of Lenoir County. Draft of Hopewell family history manuscript available.

Fields Family. This page established for Fields family researchers who want to know more about Hulda Fields, daughter of Henry Fields and Patience Mooring, of Lenoir County, North Carolina. She married Jesse Pridgen Hopewell, son of James H. Hopewell.

Gray Genealogy. My grandfather, William Robert Hopewell, of Craven County, North Carolina, married Rachel

 Ann Parson. Her mother was Sarah Elizabeth Gray. This is about her family.

MATHEWS FAMILY (My mother's ancestors.)

Mathews Genealogy is about my grandfather Mathew Stewart Mathews and his Portsmouth, Virginia family. His father was a member of Portsmouth's Chambers Fire Company. His grandfather, James William Mathews was chief of police during the Yellow Fever epidemic in 1855, and later was on the city council for several terms.

Manning Genealogy. "Of the Southern Branch, is the story of the Manning family of Portsmouth and Norfolk County. My grandfather's grandfather, James William Mathews, married Mary Ann Amelia Manning. She was descended from John Manning, who arrived on The Globe in Norfolk, in 1635. Her father, Mathew Manning, Jr.,  was a judge in Norfolk County. Includes extensive information on allied families. This is a link to a separate website.

My Full Research Database. This is the source database for the Manning, Mathews, Hodges and allied families. It is quite large. It contains information on some people whose exact relationship to these families is not yet known. The latest version is as of 14 January 2006. This information duplicates some of the Mathews family sites above. 3159 Individuals. 1128 Families. 609 unique surnames. 2986 source citations.

External Sites Under Construction

Hopewell Family. A site separate from this one for Hopewell family history. The information on this site will migrate to the new one.

Mathews Family. Ditto re the Mathews family.

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