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Lynn received the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Financial Planning Association, the professional organization for financial planning.

Heidi and Steve Burke. Heidi made sure Lynn got there on time.

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Lynn accepting award

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Lynn really can smile!

Announcement   Text of award   Lynn's response.

National Capital Area Chapter FPA


October 14, 2005

“Save the Date”

Fifth Annual Financial Planning Association

of the National Capital Area Charity Gala

December 2, 2005

6:30 PM until 11:00 PM

Tyson’s Corner Marriott Hotel

Swing into the Holiday Season


Norma Severns Award for Leadership-

Barry Glassman, CFP®

Lifetime Achievement Award-

Lynn Hopewell, CFP®

2005 Planner of the Year-

Mark Johannessen, CFP®

For the benefit of: Good Samaritan Foundation & Foundation for Financial Planning

Black Tie Optional

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(From Program)

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lynn Hopewell, CFP ®

Lynn Hopewell received his AA from the College of William and Mary in Norfolk (now Old Dominion University,) in 1958, his BS in physics from Virginia Tech in 1961. After graduating from Va. Tech he accepted a position with the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, D.C. From 1961 until 1969, he was a communications engineer with the CIA’s Office of Communications. In 1966 he entered Harvard Business School, and received his MBA degree in 1968. From 1969 to 1980, he held various positions in the telecommunications and computer systems industry in the Northern Virginia area.

In 1980 he went into private practice as a personal financial and investment advisor. He was chairman of The Monitor Group, Inc., in Fairfax, Virginia. He was a Certified Financial Planner.

From 1992-1995 he was editor of the Journal of Financial Planning, a national professional publication. He received national recognition for his pioneering work in retirement planning modeling. Hopewell was the subject of extensive interviews about his investment philosophy in Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal.

In 1994 Hopewell was elected to the board of governors of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards and served a two-year term. The CFP Board is the national certifying body that controls and administers the Certified Financial Planner professional designation.

During 1995–1996, Hopewell served as a Technical Editor of the Dow Jones Fee Advisor magazine. In 1995, he was the subject of a 3-page interview in Newsweek magazine on his investment philosophy, and has been the only financial planner to be so honored. Hopewell was selected as one of the Top 60 financial advisors by Worth Magazine in 1996 and continued to be so named for several more years.

In 1999, the Wall Street Journal dubbed him as the “dean of retirement advisors,” and he was the subject of a full-page interview on issues pertaining to retirement planning. Hopewell served as a Member, of the Editorial Advisory Board of the Journal of Financial Planning from 1996 to 2000. In 2005, his seminal article on Monte Carlo was republished by the Journal of Financial Planning as one of the most influential articles ever published. In May 2005, Financial Advisor featured Hopewell in a cover story in a retrospective on his career. Hopewell retired in 1999 and now spends his time working on his books, newspaper column, researching family genealogy and digitizing his family photographs.

Remarks by Lynn Hopewell upon receiving the Financial Planning
Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award
December 2, 2005
Tysons Corner Marriott, Vienna, Virginia

One day, at age 42, I realized I was tired of working for government contractors. I wanted to find something I could do by myself.

Some how I came across a 1978 Money Magazine issue that featured financial planning as a “new career with a future. And guess whose picture I saw? That’s right, Alex Armstrong. I read about her with great interest.

So my first thank you is to Alex: thanks for the inspiration. Your success gave me the courage to leap into uncharted waters.

I started doing my homework about financial planning. In the Yellow Pages I saw a name I recognized: Don Rembert. I had met Don a few years earlier during a political campaign. Maybe he would help me?

I well remember the day I walked into Don’s office just a few blocks from here. I said to him: “I want to become a financial planner.” Don was very encouraging and gave me a stack of magazines to read. I took them home and devoured them. I returned to Don’s office. “I definitely want to do this. How do you suggest I start.”

Don replied: “You see that office over there. It’s empty. My partner just quit and I’m overwhelmed. From now on we split the new business 50–50.

Now, … I was overwhelmed. Don’s offer was one of the most generous acts I have ever experienced. So a big thank you to Don.

I came to learn that sharing was one of the hallmarks of our profession. In hundreds of conference and meetings, I learned so much from the experience of others, so willingly shared. So thank you to an uncounted number of my fellow planners.

[At this point there was a great commotion at one of the tables. Lynn had to stop speaking. It turned out that a menu had caught fire. Lynn remarked: "the award plaque was quite enough, folks. Burnt offerings and sacrificial fires are unnecessary."]

Just as Don Rembert helped me enter financial planning, Glenn Kautt helped me leave it. So a thank you to Glenn.

Finally, I want to say this.

Nick Murray has said it best … financial planning is all about love.

·       It is love for a spouse that makes you want to be sure you have enough money to last for both your lifetimes.

·       It is love of your children that drives you to:

1.    Launch them into life with a good education.

2.    Make sure you do not become a financial burden for them.

3.     Enter the no-fun world of estate planning.

Love is what drives people to your office. The financial and investing world is a jungle full of danger, and they need a competent guide.

How fortunate I was to have found a way to earn a living that was so rewarding—helping people to love.

Thank you for this honor. My best wishes to you all.


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