The Circle Resturant

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Harry Hopewell and his brother-in-law, Stewart Mathews, Jr., founded the Circle Restaurant in Portsmouth. Its gala opening was November 10, 1947, the day my sister Nina was born. The Circle rapidly became a Portsmouth institution. These photos were taken several year later when a steer was tied up on the front lawn as a publicity stunt.

In early 2005, the Circle returned to the Mathews family, thoroughly refurbished.

Dee Dee, Harry, Candy, Nina and cow.

Nina looks about 2, so this is 1949.

Harry, Nina and Candy.


Trey and Nina

Harry Hopewell, Stewart Mathews, Jr.; Ricky and Trey Mathews.

Candy, Nina and Rickey.

Charlotte driving, Candy leaning out middle window, Ricky out the rear.

Taken in front of Stewart and Peggy Mathews residence in Waterview.



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