Mary Ann Amelia Manning

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Mary Ann Amelia Manning was the paternal grandmother of our "Dee-Dee. "Mathew Stewart Mathews.

She came from a prosperous and active Norfolk County family. Her father, Mathew Manning, Jr. was a judge and sheriff. Her brother was sheriff also. Another brother was in the Virginia General Assembly. Another, deputy clerk of the circuit court. She was descended from John Manning who arrived at Norfolk on The Globe in 1635. Her mother was Mary Hodges, daughter of Soloman Hodges.

A complete genealogy of her family can be found at

Click here for a larger portrait painting of Mary Ann. It is in a pdf file that is read-only. Right click to download file. You will need Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded from If family members want to make a high-quality print, contact Lynn Hopewell.

She was a poet. Here is an image of one of her poems. Note the handwriting. If you want to enlarge the image, right click and download to desktop and view with an image editor, where you can enlarge it.

Below is a transcription of the poem. Mary Ann was married to Edwin White before she married James William Mathews. She had two daughters by White. He died when the girls were only a few years old. Mary Ann is writing to her oldest daughter, Mary.

Lines to my little daughter Mary H. White

Dear Mary, thou art in thy teens,
This day, youíre twelve years old,
What cares, what joys! What varied scenes!
Iíve felt and passed, untold,
With thee an infant, on my knees,
Iíve wept, Iíve laughed, Iíve smiled,
For I have lived for Rose and thee,
For love, my pains beguiled.
And from thine infancy, till now,
Iíve watched oíer thee and Rose,
Some grief Iíve born, I canít tell how,
My Maker only knows.
I saw, when thou an infant quite,
Thy Father borne away,
By death, Oh what a chilling blight!
I felt upon that day.
But time has suaged that poignant grief,
Tis well, time checks our tears,
And by degrees brings some relief,
As rolls succeeding years.
But Mary, thou an orphan soon,
Hast never know thy Pa,
For him you lost, long eíer twas noon,
To meet the world, with Ma.
But Providence has never left,
Us yet, without a friend,
Nor have we ever been bereft,
Of Hope  óóó Hope to the end

By your fond and affectionate Mother Mary Ann A. White

[Mary Hodges White was 12 on 1 August 1848. Mary Ann was age 35 years and 1 day. 3 months later, on 14 November she bore her son Mathew James Mathews, by her second husband, James William Mathews. Oddly she signed using the last name of Mary's father instead of her new husband's.]




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