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In the Spring of 2005, Lynn was a subject of a cover story in Financial Advisor magazine. The story was about his career in financial planning, the building of his firm and his retirement.

May, 2005
Sticking To His Plan

By Tracey Longo
How veteran planner Lynn Hopewell built a business thatís allowed him to retire in style.

Veteran financial planner Lynn Hopewell doesnít like leaving things to chance. In a world of uncertainty that means serious planning, whether itís for his clientsí retirement or his own fourth career. Not long after he went into practice in the 1980s, he announced from the podium of a National Association of Personal Financial Advisors conference that his goal was to build a firm that would allow him to retire in styleóand he did just that. One question that folks in the industry ponder even today: How was Hopewell so far ahead of his time? He built and ran one of the leanest, most profitable planning shops in the industry, converted to fee-only before it was even a blip on the radar screen, introduced Monte Carlo modeling (a computer method for showing various investment outcomes) to the industry and sold his planning firm ....

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